‘HomeDesign.eco’ is a highly experienced & specialised CAD Design practice with over 20 years experience in the design and construction of buildings in the UK. We have an experienced team of Designers, CAD Operators, Structural Engineers, and Construction Project Managers providing a real practical insight to viable & attractive construction from design to completion.

We are able to Design and Consult on many projects from extensions, loft conversions, basements, new builds to holiday homes and villas.

We understand the requirements of Local Authorities in the UK for both Planning and Building Control Applications with a complete success rate. We monitor, withdraw and adjust to resubmitting for complete success. With this pedigree you can rely upon us to design a complete set of existing and proposed drawing for your new property or modified/extended/converted property.

With customers requiring ever more competitive prices on the internet with an almost instant service, architectural and building design services also need to evolve. Architectural services are traditional a very expensive and slow service. ‘Home Design Studio’ through the benefits of the internet and by providing pre-structured bespoke IT based CAD Design service are able to produce a completely unique planning application design service via our 4 stage process. We visit your property and produce a full digital survey using the latet software and digital readers. Thereby saving you a substantial fee against more traditional paperwork designers charge. Our fees in most cases are 75% cheaper but you get the same service and the product is supplied electronically so you can email to your Local Authority and local building contractors for estimates.