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£249.00 + Vat

  • Base price is for upto 3 rooms including roof/floor. If you require Building Control for extra rooms, please select No. from dropdown. We have your planning drawings and photographs to assist, but if we didn't design your architectual plans, please submit support ticket.


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Building Control ensures your project is designed and constructed in accordance with Building Regulations, such as structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance, thermal insulation etc. We can produce Building Control drawings for this purpose, but also your builder will benefit from the detailed construction method and materials when estimating and finally building your project.


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Building Control exists to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation, such as structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance, thermal insulation etc. You will need drawings to communicate clearly how you will do this.

When you seek quotes from builders for your project they will need detailed construction drawings so they can produce a building estimate and then build.

Importantly just before starting your construction you will have to register with your Local Authority Building Control Department and pay their required fee so they can check your project complies with Building Regulations. You will have to supply detailed construction drawings, for example detailing the construction of wall and roof. As part of our Architectural Online Service we can add the required construction detailing including additional cross section details, legend of required materials etc, on your plans to satisfy your Building Control Officer. Some structural supports and foundation depth will have to be determined on site during construction.